ISO 6020/2 – type A3

Developed to meet the most demanding drive unit requirements of the industrial sector

The range of hydraulic double-acting HYDROMAT ISO 6020/2 type A3 series cylinders and servo-cylinders are in accordance with ISO 6020/2 (1991 edition) and DIN 24554 construction standards.

The compact construction with square heads and tie rods, the care taken in choosing the materials and seals used, combined with strict final testing which reproduces the cylinders’ normal working conditions, make these hydraulic actuators a valid choice for all types of industrial applications in which maximum reliability and repeatability with high dynamic working features are required.

Nominal pressure – 160 bar
Test pressure – 250 bar
Piston dia. – 25 up to 200 mm
Piston rod dia. – 12 up to 140 mm

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