HYDROMAT Ivanec was 07/02/2020 on the way to Alexandria, Egypt, the best control valves in the world “Kings of the valves” set off, as our good Egyptian friend says. They will be involved in the world’s unique New Cairo Irrigation System project, where they will control the water supply of more than 10 million people in summer and winter.

A descriptive comparison speaks a great deal about how powerful this things really are. Only one such valve can control a power of 30 MW, which is, for example, equivalent to the installed capacity of one third of the Varaždin hydropower plant 90 MW.

Egypt suffers from a shortage of 30 billion cubic meters of water a year. It needs at least 90 billion cubic meters a year to cover the needs of 90 million citizens. However, it currently has only 60 billion cubic meters, of which 55.5 billion comes from the Nile, and half a billion comes from non-renewable groundwater in the deserts.
It is estimated that the growth of the Egyptian population will increase by 65-75% by 2050, which will be a major technical challenge for water supply.

In addition, HYDROMAT‘s contribution to the world of fluid flow control, since for the first time; pressure , flow , measurement , dosing of drinking water, flow rate and protection against water hammer on main water supply lines will be performed via a single control valve in this mentioned Egyptian project.

Inspection procedure ( FAT Factory Acceptance Test ) was carried out by TÜV Nord branch in Budapest, the largest company in the Mediterranean and Africa in the field of oil, gas , infrastructure projects, certification and inspection. U can check out our live video of valve inspection in the link down below.