Engineering and consulting

Engineering and consulting for the selection of equipment and hydraulic valves

Commissioning & testing

Commissioning and testing on the user's location

Installation of our equipment

IInstallation of our equipment and equipment from other manufacturers on-site

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing of equipment before delivery

Technical documentation

Preparation of technical documentation, instructions for use and maintenance

Repair and maintenance

Servicing, repair and maintenance of our equipment and equipment from other manufacturers

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Notes related to safety, choice and instalation of products

All documents and other technical information issued by HYDROMAT ® Ivanec or his representative, are describing choices of products and solutions, if the user has the expertise and experience.

Before choice or use of products or equipment, analyze and understand how to use the information listed in the catalog or the technical instructions.

Due to different conditions of action and use, the user is ,based on their own analysis and testing, alone responsible for final selection of products and thereby ensuring its security features and compliance with regulations and conditions of the working environment. In case of ambiguity consult the manufacturer, and in particular:

If environmental conditions, installation conditions and operating media deviate from the mentioned technical data
If the product performs a security function
If security risk assessment is necessary
If you are unsure of the suitability for the intended use
If you are unsure of the suitability of products for the security aspect

Confidentiality - Intellectual Property

The studies, plans, sketches and drawings, prototype, delivered or sent to the customer remain the sole property of HYDROMAT. All emerging intellectual property arising from the documentation also belong to HYDROMAT. The buyer has to handle mediated documents and objects confidentially, must not disclose them to others in communication, reproduce, or transfer any rights to any third party without the written consent from HYDROMAT. If the buyer combines products with other products with the intention to make new equipment, he should ensure on its own responsibility that the new devices do not infringe the intellectual property rights so it would be ensured that HYDROMAT is free from any damages or penalties arising from infringement by third parties. HYDROMAT reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract, if it finds that there is still a serious risk of breach of intellectual rights.