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HYDROMAT L.t.d. is a family company that is, for the last 40 years dealing with design, construction and production of its own high tech products: axial flow control valve, hydraulic cylinders and shock absorbers, hydraulic equipment and electronic control devices, valve automation and actuator technology.

Expert staff and modern technology used in our company together with the tight collaboration of scientific institutions and universities and renowned international manufacturers of valves, hydraulic components and equipment are a guarantee for the successful solution of complex problems in the field of hydraulics and automation, flow control and production of actuators and equipment. In the last twenty years we invested great efforts and material resources into development, testing and production organization of our own world patent of axial valve system type HYREVAL® and associated control equipment.

We're ready to test our global know-how and solutions for your technical problems



To contribute daily to science and practice in the field of flow control and valve automation.


On the basis of their own know how to be the world's leading manufacturer of axial valve systems and related equipment.

About Us

Known for Safety, Reliability and Quality

To achieve this in compliance with international standards and regulations in our products we use quality materials and components from renowned manufacturers around the world. The above confirms that we are slowly but surely becoming a leading manufacturer of axial flow control valve, actuator technology and valve automation in region.

High Quality Products

We only use the highest grade materials and components from renowned manufacturers around the world

High Quality Services

Our business mission is to create real value for our customers, offering them a complete, efficient and high quality service.

What we do

Foreign market initiative

More than 90% of our production is exported to demanding foreign markets. In the last 20 years we exported our products to renowned customers all around the world.

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Our team of talented professionals are dedicated to planning and solving your problems with greatest accuracy.

Company Policy

Our policies are the backbone of our commitment to creating an environment that fosters integrity, responsibility, and excellence. These policies reflect our core values and provide a framework for decision-making, ensuring that we conduct our business ethically, transparently, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Company Certificates

Our Company Certificate represents our commitment to excellence and integrity in all our business dealings. It confirms our adherence to industry standards and legal regulations, ensuring we provide only the highest quality services and products.

Our team is always ready for new challenges.