About Our Factory

Hydromat LTD is a family company that is, for the last 35 years dealing with design, construction and production of its own high tech products: hydraulic cylinders, industrial shock absorbers, hydraulic equipment and devices, flow control, valve automation and actuator technology.

Expert staff and modern technology used in our company together with the tight collaboration of scientific institutions and universities and renowned international manufacturers of valves, hydraulic components and equipment are a guarantee for the successful solution of complex problems in the field of hydraulics and automation, flow control and production of actuators, hydraulic cylinders and equipment.

In recent years we invested great efforts and material resources into development , testing and production organization of our own patent, high tech flow control valve HYREVAL® and associated control automation


The Basic principle during the design and manufacturing of our products is not the cheapest and optimal, instead it's an reliable and refined technical solution, proven by increasing interest and numerous international orders. To achieve this in compliance with international standards and regulations in our products we use quality materials and components from renowned manufacturers around the world.

The above confirms that we are slowly but surely becoming a leading manufacturer of valve actuator technology and automation in region.

For previous work and innovation the company received numerous honors and awards at national and international proffesional fairs and presentations.


Foreign market initiative

More than 90% of our production is exported to demanding foreign markets. In the last 20 years we exported our products to renowned customers in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Norway and Middle East.

An essential part of our development is the area of valve automation and actuator techniques which can be backed up with numerous international references.

Over the past few years we invested a tremendous amount of effort and founds into development, testing and manufacturing of our cavitation-free control valve HYREVAL®,which is in the process of achieving the patent document in front of the American and European Patent Office, and associated control automation.


Numerous references worldwide in the form of supply the hydro-mechanical equipment for specific projects in energy, water distribution, ecology, water purifiers and flood protection systems and storm water, chemical and process industry.

In addition, present is a daily business cooperation in the form of delivery actuator technique and automatics for the famous world producers of the valves and armature.

More detailed insight into our reference list, ie. a list of specific projects and companies with which we work and supply our equipment, we give a special request.

Our team is always ready for new challenges.

Meet The Team

Our team of talented professionals are dedicated to planning and solving your problems with greatest accuracy.