Damping Systems for Check Valves With Flaps And Disks

Check valves are the key element in prevention of back flow that can damage pumps and pipeline installations.

Generally, if the back flow reaches to check valve before the valve disc is closed, the result will be slamming in the valve closing and water hammer. Because of this hydraulic shock absorbers need to be installed .

Reverse flow has it’s static and dynamic component. Absolute size of static and dynamic back flow pressure and nominal size of the pipeline determined by the damping energy, which must absorb the damping units when the reverse flow occurred. Thus, back flow energy determines design and size of the check valves, damping characteristics, number and position of damping units.

For the check valves, design with disc and flaps, HYDROMAT offer different types of damping units and shock absorbers to check valve and system protection against back pressure and water hammer. It should not be forgotten that check valves are places of enormous flow losses, which means great financial losses. In that sense, HYDROMAT offers automated damping units that eliminate losses caused by this.

Back-flow and metal slamming at improperly configured 2-stage hydraulic shock absorber

Upon request we provide users with:

Advice and recommendations for the selection of suitable check valve and/or damping systems
Delivery of check valves of other manufacturers, construction and standards (ISO,EN, DIN, API) equipped with the appropriate damping system
Delivery of appropriate shock and attachments in the event that the buyer of check valves assembles system by himself

Area of delivery for valve and damping systems:

Swing Chek Valve: DN 100-1400 PN 6-100
Butterfly Check Valve: DN 200 PN 6-40 -1600


On customer request HYDROMAT offers complete equipment which means the check valve from different producers equipped with our damping system.

If you have any questions regarding our products and solutions , feel free to contact us for more info.