Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Design on the base of Differential Piston Area type DPA and Equal Piston Area type EPA

Main technical characteristic

Most reliable hydraulic system to download a very large of damping energy to 150 kJ
Robust, compact and clean design of external surfaces with usage of quality materials, allows application in the most demanding work environments, including "outdoor" applications
Initial start with spring or accumulator provides excellent dynamic to closing direction → high speed of damping process
Closing time from full open to throttling position (30 to 40% of openness) t > 0,5 sec regardless of the size the shock absorbers
Hydraulic damping, standard design by 3 stages, on request other combination
Mounting in any position and under any inclination on the pipeline
Equipping with hydraulic device or pneumatic cylinders, obtain of the COMBINED CHECK VALVE

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