High performance, safety and lower energy consumption.

Increasing technical requirements for fluid flow control impose increasing requirements on the quality of valves, actuators, associated equipment and control systems in terms of reliability, equipment systematization and level of automation.

Considering the above in area of flow control and valve automation HYDROMAT company designs and manufactures:

World patented axial valve system with associated equipment for flow control and different safety functions as a Shut-off, surge relief, vacuum equalizations, and axial check valves as standard and advanced types.

Actuators and associated control equipment for different valve types and manufacturers worldwide. In this sense we produce different types of hydraulic actuators with Emergency Shut-Down function with weight or accumulator loaded, hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators for globe and gate valve, quarter turn hydraulic and pneumatic actuators based on scotch yoke and rack and pinion mechanism for butterfly and ball valves.

Hydraulic shock absorbers and complete damping units for check valve operations.

Consulting and offering complete equipment for water hammer protection.

Our equipment is used in hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants, oil and gas processing, chemical industry, Off-shore, seawater desalination, water distribution and water treatment, etc… In area of flow control with design and production of associated equipment HYDROMAT has 40 years of experience confirmed with numerous references around the world.

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