Can you imagine a plant or factory on an area of size of a wider area of ​​Zagreb. That’s about the surface of this steel mill. Until about 10 years ago, it employed 60,000 people.

Steel Mill is located in the city of Lipetsk 500 thousand inhabitants, 600 km southwest of Moscow, in the Voronezh region, about 200 km west is the legendary Kursk.
In the last few years, steelmaking has undergone modernization, halving the number of employees, but significantly increasing the production of high-grade steel. It is one of the largest steelmakers in the world, the NLMK in Lipetsk, Russia.
From what we could see in the passage, we conclude that there are certainly more locomotives and wagons than all of Croatia.

Novolipetsk is the main production site of the NLMK Group, Russia’s largest steel and high value-added steel producer and one of the world’s most efficient steel producers. Steel is the core of the NLMK Group’s unique international production chain with assets in Russia, the EU and the USA.
A new modern blast furnace for which HYDROMAT, Ivanec, Croatia, has commissioned two main valves for the regulation and safety shut-off of blast furnace gases this week is also set to launch. These valves protect the entire plant in the high explosion zone. We are proud of another HYDROMAT worldwide reference.