As previously mentioned two weeks ago, Ivanec’s specialist HYDROMAT completed the installation of its own construction and production equipment in the new 7th-block nuclear power plant Novovoronezh, Russia. In short, the equipment serves to protect the pumps and the main water-based nuclear cooling system.

Those friends who follow us know that two years ago we also supplied and installed equipment of the same purpose for the 6-block of the same nuclear power plant.
In the 6th and 7th blocks of Novovoronezh nuclear power plant there are VVER-1200 “3+” generation reactors and the product is the latest developmental achievement, which in turn meets all “post-Fukushima” safety requirements. These are the most powerful reactors so far and have three key advantages: high efficiency, durability and safety.

If we are talking about the future of energy production in the Voronje region in the next 60 years, you shouldn’t worry, these 2 blocks should provde more then enough energy. The 6-block was put into operation two years ago and now the 7-block, which should be put into operation by the end of this year.

It is not foolish to note that today the Novovoronezh nuclear plant produces about 85% of the electricity needed for the entire region. For comparison, only these two new blocks have installed power of 2400 MW, which equals the power of all Croatian hydro and thermal power plants, including NPP Krško.

Enjoy the fascinating “nighttime” photos of this exquisite energy facility located on the River Don.