Type CV.SC – the most frequently used and reliable solution for pump and system protection.

The speed of safety reaction in the closing direction „the response characteristic” depends on the spring force and intensity of the back pressure.

It is a simple but inflexible solution. If we want to change some of the characteristics, for example on higher flow velocity or intensive water hammer, we have to change the spring force with stronger one. But the stronger spring force means greater flow losses, which means financial losses. Financial losses can be much higher within a short time span then the value of the pump and related equipment.

This solution is mainly used in an accurately defined flow situation, mainly for water (potable, process, raw…), compressed air, oil and gas…

NOTE: To achieve full openness the spring force must be aligned with customer request acc. to flow velocity


Equipped with device for visual control of openness
And/or limit switches for remote signalling

CV.SC_DN 200 / PN16

Without device for openness control

Features of CV.SC

Nominal Size:
DN 50 – DN 1400 (2” – 56”)

Pressure rating:
PN 10 – PN 400 (ANSI 150 – 2500) API 10.000 (up to 700 bar)

Fully open with standard spring at steady flow velocity > 2 m/s
Fully closing at reverse flow velocity > 0,2 m/s

Feedback for the openness control:
Installation possible in the all version of the check valve

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